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New York Vertigo By Michel Setboun

This is a New York that no one has yet dared to explore. Photographer Michel Setboun spent ten years scaling thé city’s walls and scouring its rooftops to capture these images, and the results are not only dazzling, but occasionally dizzying. With their acute angles and dramatic views, these photographs capture the incredible vitality and spectacular variety of life in the world’s greatest city.

From the intricate dance of the taxis below to the néon buzz drifting up from Times Square; the stern grandeur of the Chrysler Building’s eagles to the color-saturated graffiti in Long Island City; the reflected stutter of midtown skyscrapers to the downtown canyons that open to the sea, readers will be amazed at the nerve (and balance!) required to take these beautifully composed pictures. Vertigo, indeed—but of the most soul-stirring kind.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michel Setboun studied architecture and became a photographer in 1978. He has traveled around the world as a reporter, first for agencies and then independently. Mis photography has been published in The New York Times, Géo, Life, and Paris Match, among others.

Text by M A G G I E M E Y E R S
I love New York when, after l’ve walked too much, looked too much, listened too much, l’m stricken with vertigo. I love New York because I feel free and anonymous in the crowds of this great bazaar
ó Michel Setboun
HOW DO YOU CAPTURE an image of a city that never stops moving? In New York Vertigo, photographer Michel Setboun does just that, shedd mg fresh perspective on widely recocgnized city sites from dizzying heights and unusual angles. A native Parisian, Setboun taps his aesthetic sensibility to reveal Manhattan’s complex urban fabric in a volume that articulates the city’s infectious energy and the international appeal of its dazzling, albeit gritty, excesses.
Setboun manoeuvers his camera’s telephoto lens to distort patterns, shapes, and colors, giving the impression that one is looking at New York through a kaléidoscope. His abstract approach removes the subject from the frenetic context of Manhattan and transports the reader to an environment that is at once strange and familiar. While Setboun’s photographs ó true to the book’s title ó evoke a disorienting, vertiginous sensation, they also embody a powerful sensÈ of tranquility amid chaos, a quality that strikes even the most seasoned New Yorker as authentic.

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