New York « Photo-graphies ». The book

A Graphic book about the « Big apple » Edition de la Martinière

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New York Photo-graphies making of

New York by michel Setboun  on “ Tous les jours curieux”

New York photography

Some images of the book

More New York

New York Power walks

This project is a festive questioning about identity. New York, 400 years of immigration, 200 nationalities, like the rest of the United States , has been built by the immigrants coming …

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Michel Setboun

I am open to any interesting project, book, exhibitions, assignments, anywhere on this planet and in the outer space. For professionals, editors, magazines, publishers etc. the IMAGE WEBSITE in the main menu will take you to my pictures database where you can search (with keywords) and download images. You can get more information on me on my BIOGRAPHY PAGE.