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this site is a kind of “UFO” unknown photographic object. I have tried to give a feeling of what means for me more than 50 years around the world in time of war and peace. it’s almost impossible to make it short. I make it big with many entrance point . and i will make it bigger and bigger. My generation was lucky to work at a time where not so many people had a celle phone or a camera. Photography was a real technical work . In the archives of my generation we have the memory of the world.

Today I am trying to share these stories. I followed the story of some countries on the long terme like Iran , Afghanistan, Mongolia, Albania etc… It’s a kind of duty today to share my images with the young generation. They don’t much about their recent history. the life of their parents, communism, revolution , goulag, etc.

New Graphic work Many years ago I started some kind of art work you can see on my different books about New York or Iran.


Image is everything because our dreams are made from Imag-ination.