Marche Blanche for Nahel in Nanterre. Part 2


France is currently witnessing a wave of protests following the tragic incident on June 27th, 2023, in which a teenager named Nahel M. was fatally shot by a police officer in the Paris suburb of Nanterre. The country is grappling with widespread outrage and demonstrations that have reverberated throughout major cities, with citizens demanding justice for Nahel’s untimely death. These protests have also been accompanied by riots, leading to instances of violence, fires, and a substantial number of arrests.It is important to note that Nahel’s family has chosen not to disclose their last name, opting to use only his last initial. This heartbreaking event has now become a rallying cry for justice, reminiscent of the way George Floyd’s murder by a police officer in Minneapolis in 2020 ignited a global movement against police brutality, particularly targeting marginalized communities.

Marche blanche pour Nahel à Nanterre,

Jeudi 29 Juin 2023

Quelque 6.200 personnes ont participé à Nanterre à la marche blanche en hommage au jeune Nahel, tué par un policier lors d’un contrôle routier

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Comme je travaille sur mes images 6×6 prises il y a quelques décennies, je voulais voir ce que ce format représentait aujourd’hui.

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