El Salvador. Chalaltenango slaughter

Civil war in El Salvador in 1982

El Salvador. mars 1982 civil war burial of the victims after the killing in Chalatenango; the civilian have to money to pay the coffins, the bodies are burried in a comunal grave.only the soldiers have their coffins paid by the army. The guerilla has organised an ambush on the road, 18 adults and 4 children were killed. /

enterrement des morts apres le massacre de Chalaltenango. les civils de la ville enterrent leurs morts dans une fosse commune car ils n’ont pas les moyens d’acheter un cerceuil. seuls les militaires ont droit a un cerceuil paye par l armee. La guerilla a organise une embuscade sur la route a la sortie du village, 18 civils et 4 enfants voyageant dans un bus ont ete tues Salvador / SALV34303 1c

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FEB 1982 REF: 19858

Guerrillas of the FARN (Armed Forces of National Resistance) have one of their encampments near the Golden Bridge, where** they have organized the entire community around the needs of the revolution. They take care of the babies, teach the children in school, hold military community drills, and train the young to carry on the fight. Children grow up with weapons in their hands, and and many of the guerrillas are between 13 and 20, with some even younger. In the camp, there are about 50 guerrillas, plus about 10 women and 8 babies. The commander is 22 and the political officer 19; life in the camp is organized on a military basis.


REF 19858

Les guérilleros du FARN (Forces Armées de Resistance Nationale) ont un de leurs campements près du golden Bridge, où ils ont organisé l’entière communauté selon les besoins de la révolution. Ils prennent soin des bébés, enseignent les enfants à l’école, ont des séances d’entraînement militaire, et enseignent les jeunes à continuer le combat. Les enfants grandissent une arme à la main, et beaucoup de guérilleros ont entre 13 et 20 ans, quelque fois moins. Dans le camp il y a à peu près 50 guérilleros, plus IO femmes et 8 bébés.Le commandant a 22 ans et l’officier politique, 19. La vie dans le camp est organisée sur une base militaire.

Salvador dream of revolution

The “Dream of Revolution” in El Salvador refers to the hope and aspirations of the people for a more just and equitable society. During the country’s Civil War (1980-1992), this dream was embodied by the leftist guerrilla groups who fought against the military-led government. The guerrillas sought to bring about social, economic, and political change through armed struggle. After the war, the “Dream of Revolution” continued to be a driving force for many Salvadorans, who sought to address the root causes of poverty and inequality and build a more democratic and equitable society. Despite progress in some areas, however, many Salvadorans still face significant challenges, including poverty, violence, and corruption, and the “Dream of Revolution” remains an ongoing aspiration for many.

The Salvadoran Civil War was a conflict that took place in El Salvador from 1980 to 1992. The war was fought between the military-led government and leftist guerrilla groups, including the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). The conflict resulted in the deaths of over 75,000 people and the forced displacement of over a million Salvadorans. The war ended with the Chapultepec Peace Accords in 1992, which led to the establishment of the UN Mission in El Salvador (ONUSAL) and the disarmament of the guerrilla groups.

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