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40 years of photo-journalism / génération Sygma

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Some people were asking me, why and what I was going to do in Iran. Sorry, I did not cover the demonstrations. I was invited by the Museum of Modern Art to receive an honorary award for all my work during the Iranian revolution.

They had even organized a pictures exhibition, with the prints they found in the archives of the Iranian Television. I don’t know how they got them. But the Museum of Modern Art has found my track at the last minute... and they invited me.

Of course I was very curious to return to Iran. And I'm not disappointed because I met very interesting people. I think the way we treat Iran today in the Western press is a kind of caricature. The situation is much more complex and interesting than we imagine. And Iranian people are clever and well educated. Ahmadinejad's Iran is not Afghanistan of the Taliban.  Iranian artists, despite the difficulties have a prolific and interesting art production.

I hope this will be a start for some new work in Iran.

In 2010 The Museum of Modern Art in Ahwaz has also organized an exhibition with my work, I discover it on… internet

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